Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Post!!!

exciting huh?
hmm... how about those questions that no human really knows the answer to? or at least no humans i know know the answer to. like, if God has a plan that is going to come through no matter what, why should we pray? well, Philip Yancey has an answer, because Jesus did. but also, questions like babies who die soon after birth, or someone who lives in a remote colony and never hears of Jesus... or angels, demons, fall of satan.. all those things. where did they come from? why does gravity and physics work the way they do? *shrug* idk. who does?
God does!!! yay! lets leave that up to Him. He did give us curiosity for a reason.. which makes me wonder, what does God get curious about? maybe whether or not we will choose Him... hm.
mental wrestling!