Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Have you ever noticed that 'heart' and 'yearn' both have the word 'ear' in them?

Does your heart ache? Does it long for something more than what it has been given? Do you long for something more fulfilling than what you are left with after everyone around you has gone to their own rooms?

Is there a part of you that is still not satisfied when you beat the final boss, the last level, or pass that test? Is there a part of you that, after all of that has faded, comes up and says, "I want something more; I want something better"?

Is that part of you satisfied, at least temporarily, by being with friends? Or perhaps by developing a friendship? Is that part of you satisfied, at least partially, by being in a romantic relationship and having that special someone that you can share those special moments with?

Does that part of you still say, "I want something more; I want something better"?

Do you hunger for food and thirst for water? You have desires that can be met with physical things. Do you have a desire that cannot be met with something physical? Or, as CS Lewis said, do you have a desire within you for something that is not even of this earth? And do you think the fulfillment of that desire would be of this earth?

EDIT: Perhaps it is less defined than what I originally said. I know that for me, it is more of a feeling of, "Is there anything more?" More of a question than a specific desire. But maybe it is a desire, and out of that desire the question comes, asking if there is something to fulfill that desire. But I only know my own thoughts. What are yours?

Scripture to consider: Book of Ecclesiastes (if you want to skip to the end, it is Ecclesiastes 12)


  1. Sometimes I feel like the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that no matter how or where I look for contentment, I'll never find it here. And oddly enough, there's a peace in knowing that. Because then I can stop looking.

  2. Huh, that's a good point Jessica-maybe that's why I'm struggling so much. That if I'd keep in mind the fact that I will not find contentment here-and I won't-maybe then I could find peace here. Thanks for that thought. :)

  3. Jessica I do agree...there is something oddly peaceful about accepting that we cannot find peace on this earth, or at least that we don't find peace from anything on this earth. I just look forward to the new earth and what that will be like..haha even though I really have very little idea of what it will be :P