Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Music (v. 1)

Hey, so I had this idea the other day. I know of some websites where you can get some pretty neat free music every now and then (or pretty regularly if you want) and I want to share some of that with whoever reads this blog.

So here is the first post. First off, there is this website called iTickets. They have a free song every week, and each song seems to be available for about 2 weeks before you can't download it anymore. You have to sign up to the website to get the free songs, but it is an easy process and they don't send you emails except to tell you when new music is available and/or when there is an event/concert in your area. The site seems to be focused on Christian music, and you can see the free songs here. (Both links should open in a new window.)

Next is NoiseTrade. They have a ton of music available for free, and you can even send a tip to the artist if you like their music. There is also an option to share an album/song/artist from Facebook or Twitter, which is kinda handy. NoiseTrade has music available for a limited amount of time, but there doesn't seem to be any set limit or date on anything (as far as I can tell). Again, you have to sign up to the website, but it is pretty straightforward and they don't spam or share your email address except when you download music. Then they may share your email with the artist that you downloaded. For today, I'll give a list of the music that I got by showing you the artists' pages:

NoiseTrade also has audio books available from time to time, so if you want to listen to a book you can do that too.

And I think I'm going to call that good for today. I hope you are doing well. Stay healthy!

Psalm 150:1- Praise the Lord. Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens.


  1. Soo...the type of music you listen to most outside of Christian/Gospel would be classified as what?

    Also, the only issue I sometimes find with music that I download for free is that some of the music keeps disappearing from my iTunes. I'm not sure why that happens, but I suspect that my computer has been slowly deleting the songs I got a couple years ago as the temporary download files get old. Then again, even if I downloaded 3 songs at a time, not all of them will disappear. That just something to be aware of, I suppose.

    I downloaded this song from Noisetrade a while ago (I specifically got this one because of the song "Loved"):

    Also, I commented on your last post. I'm not sure you noticed it, judging by how you did not respond.

  2. Well, I am not sure. Perhaps alternative? That also brings up the question about what is a genre and how does Christian/Gospel fit in with that idea though. (Most music genres are classified by how they sound, but Christian/Gospel is classified based on the lyrics.) But in order to keep things simple, I like alternative rock and acoustic stuff mainly. What about you?

    That is interesting..I haven't been downloading music long enough to notice that perhaps, or else I just haven't noticed it if it has happened. If you have a Google account you can upload all your music to keep it online, just in case things disappear. Just an idea.

    Oh yeah, I got his songs after hearing him play 'Loved' once :) I got them through his Facebook page though, I think. I think he put a link on there but I don't think it was for NoiseTrade. How did you hear about Rich?

    Oh sorry about that! I remember seeing it at some point, but I just didn't reply right away and got distracted :/

  3. Acoustic, country, and singer/songwriter are the genres I like.

    Right now I'm experimenting with moving the songs I have into a permanent folder in my computer, so hopefully that'll prevent them from disappearing. I wasn't aware that Google could do that...I might have to explore that option.

    I heard Rich at a church event about a year ago. I think I may have also gotten some of his music from facebook, but my computer ate the files for it, so I redownloaded it from Noisetrade.

  4. Cool :) What do you mean by singer/songwriter? Would that be like Nick Dahlquist?

    Ohhh, yeah I always download the songs directly to my desktop, and then I move the files into my 'Music' folder (which is connected with my media player's library) and then it gets added to my library automatically. At least most of the time. Yeah, if you click on 'Play' at the top of Google, and then 'Music' along the left side of the page, and then go to 'My Library' I think. Or if you have never used it before there may be an upload option. You have to download the 'Music Manager' but it is pretty easy to use except that if it doesn't upload a song correctly it won't try again :(

    Neat :) Was it his own concert or like an event that he played for? I know my brother heard him play sometime at Berean, but I'm not sure if he was there for a concert by him or if it was something to prevent human trafficking.

  5. Griffen House (one of the links you had up on this post) is considered singer/songwriter. I've never heard of Nick Dahlquist before, but I would classify that as singer/songwriter. Singer/songwriter is pretty much the same as acoustic music, but not. I think singer/songwriter is code for "a really amazing acoustic artist that isn't well known."

    And Rich played at a young adult night.

  6. Ok so this is the third time I've written this comment...
    That kinda makes describes the music and doesn't quite fit in with another genre..neat.