Monday, December 5, 2011

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Alright so, I just watched this video. And I looked at some of the comments (never do that on Youtube if you want to remain in a positive mood) and got pretty upset at some of them. Upset as in disappointed. Irritated even.
I get irritated when people are...unloving, or ignorant, intolerant..that sort of thing. And people seem to show that sort of thing with videos like this.

When people are open and real about their struggles and insecurity, others will sympathize and encourage them. Others seem to be obscenely rude and call them names or make fun of them. That irritates me.

And you know what, it irritates me when I see that same attitude in myself: apathy, laziness, stupidity. What do you think, if God is love, to choose to not show love...what does that indicate? :/
I have seen this in myself way too much this semester. I feel like I have changed in many ways since last spring, in both good ways and bad ways. But I don't feel like I am doing a good job of loving others. I just don't feel like I have done a good job of being a Christian this semester actually. And I want that to change.
And that is going to change.

Because you know what? People are still hurting. People are still struggling. People are still attacking other people. And what am I doing about it?
I know, some of you will say, 'but Nick, you can't do all those things!' And I agree. I can't, and I won't. But if I feel like God wants me to do something about something, then I am going to feel like I am failing until I do that something. And I am definitely failing.

I said, on facebook, that this video has a message for everyone. To those who are suffering, the message is that you are not alone. To those who have suffered, the message is that you are strong, because you made it through that time. To those who are not suffering, the message is that others are still suffering, so what are you going to do about it? To those who have never suffered, I don't know what the message is, because I do not believe you exist. In fact, I am quite confident that you don't. Even God suffers.

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