Monday, January 2, 2012

Another New Year

So what do I want to do about this new year.... hmmm..

Well definitely love and give and pray more. That is always a good place to start, I feel.
Maybe play the trumpet more. That would be fun :)
Play videogames less. That would be interesting.
Listen more, talk less, get angry less. Haha thank you James :P
Actually, why stop there? How about showing my faith, rather than wearing it on a t-shirt or talking about it. Let me show you my faith by what I do...
Part of me says that is enough...but I have a whole year, what am I concerned about?
Eh, I could die anytime, so I don't have a year. Ok. What do I want to change now....?
Hm. I suppose exercise would also be good..a better diet. Those things about living this physical life in this physical body haha

I typed this last year. And right now, I feel like I did not do a good job at those things. One of the main reasons I feel that way is because I still feel like those would be good things to pursue. I also feel that the way I lived over the fall was not a way I want to live my life. I don't like the way I treated others, and I don't like the things that changed in my attitudes and feelings. I know I said before that I would write a blog about the fall semester, and I still kind of do. I just want to vent and rant. Really, I am quite upset about some things and I want to change a bunch of stuff (about myself).

Blah. I am done on here, for now. I'll be back though, don't worry. I'm hoping to spend more time doing things I enjoy next semester. And this blog is something I enjoy, and it seems like other people like it too, so that is good in my opinion.


  1. So how are you going to change for this year?

  2. Life is short. If we aren't living by the attitude that our time here is short and we should be doing the things that bring God the most glory and doing the things that bring us the most fulfillment, then what are we living our lives for? I'm not saying I have answers to this-as you well know, I've had a terrible semester as well and don't really know how this upcoming one will be different. But it's definitely the point to ponder. If today was my last day, what would I be pleased with? What would I wish I would have spent less time doing? And what do I wish I would have done more of? Definitely not sitting here on the computer-but I have to prepare my fields for rain (aka order textbooks for next semester). I'm frustrated by my life as well-let's keep praying. God is still on the throne. He will prevail. I'm trying so hard to hold onto that hope, that gift, that blessing, that purpose for facing the day.

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