Monday, January 23, 2012

Bible study - 1/23/12

Tonight we watched a video by Rob Bell that talked about losing someone that is close to you. We talked about the emotions that a person typically goes through in those situations, and about how we have to properly grieve in order to let that feeling out of ourselves so that it does not just sit and produce more feelings. We discussed about what it means to 'properly grieve' and how bitterness can often come if we do not do that. We talked about what it may be like in heaven or hell, but in the end decided that no matter what we say or think, it will still be a surprise. That is the short version, if you want a longer explanation, or a more in depth one, talk to me :)

Some questions to consider: What does it mean to 'properly grieve' over the loss of someone close to you? Does a person have to die for them to be 'lost'? And finally, do our questions about what it will be like in heaven/hell come from our misunderstanding of what either of those places are like? (Look at Luke 20:27-40 for where this idea comes from.)


  1. I'll talk to you about it!!!! LET'S MAKE PLANS. WITH HOLLY.

    1. LOVE THAT IDEA!! :D And...I definitely have some thoughts on the whole grieving process...I should watch the video some time.

  2. So when are we going to sit down and do this? Because I really want to.