Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christianity. Noun?

I was asked tonight, by someone who I met perhaps an hour and half, two hours max, before he asked me this question: What is Christianity to you?
Ok, it wasn't exactly that, but it was the gist of the question.

I have to say, the question took me by surprise. At first I thought, well, Christianity is the religion that is specified by people who follow Christ. After considering that, I realized how vague and inadequate/unnecessary it was. I then thought, perhaps, as many contemporaries seem to put it, Christianity is a relationship. A relationship with a God who is invisible and infinite, by His incarnation as a human on this earth around 2000 years ago. My first reaction to that is, well, you are crazy. To think that God would become incarnate, would be restricted by flesh, by a stomach, liver, kidneys, and matter...well that is incomprehensible in my opinion.
Next, I considered that perhaps Christianity is a lifestyle. It is living by putting God first, and those around you second (on your list of priorities in life). But that is still so vague!

Of course, this all happened over the course of 5 or 10 minutes, and I ended up saying nothing in particular in response to his question. But I appreciated it. He challenged me.

Is Christianity a religion, relationship, lifestyle, or something else entirely? Let me know what you think, and mayhaps we will have a discussion going on. I would like to hear your thoughts on this, that is why I am asking ;)


  1. I've always just regurgitated "It's about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." But this makes me think. It goes hand-in-hand with a lifestyle. It IS about the personal relationship with Jesus, but without following His plans for you and what He wants, your personal relationship isn't going to get very far.
    I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to your question. Since it's personal, it could be different for everyone. But that's my take on it :)

  2. I like hearing your opinion, thank you Kelsey :)

    I think you are on to something with the way of it being personal...it may mean something different to each person, but then what is the 'group' of people on this earth classified as Christians? I know there is probably an answer, but I like asking questions :P

  3. I would say it's a lifestyle and a reality of how the world works. It's not a religion, and I hesitate to say it's a relationship. It's how the world is set up and works, it's a way of viewing the world, it's a reality. And it's a way of life - absolutely not mainstream american christianity, but it is a radical, freeing, revolutionary, loving lifestyle that's the best possible way to live.
    It's kind of a relationship, but that gets thrown around way too much, and it way way more than that. And anyway when people talk about a relationship with God, they neglect to even mention Jesus, or sin or redemption. Talking about a loving relationship is true but it misses the point.

  4. I like that...it is a way of living, but also a world view. Thanks for your thoughts Matthew :)