Thursday, February 10, 2011

This one will probably be short.

So my friend seems to be afraid of a lot of things. I feel like this keeps her from enjoying things in life. For example, she is afraid of fire. Now a fear of fire is not bad, but this seems to be more of a phobia. Another friend was just playing with a lighter (just flicking it on and off, nothing big don't worry!) and my other friend was hiding her face in her hands. Maybe I am being unreasonable, that is possible, but it made me think:
What is it that I am afraid of that keeps me from living the life that God wants me to live?

Then I noticed that I started getting defensive (I tend to have conversations in my head about things, I think it helps me see an event or whatever from multiple perspectives). I thought, what if the thing that I am prevented from doing (because of my fear) are things that are not really necessary? Well now that just sounds like an excuse. I think it is time for prayer.

So what is it that you fear, that is holding you back? What do you think God desires for you to do but you are saying 'No' because you are afraid?
And after that, what is that fear compared to the chance (which is a very good one at that!) that God actually knows what He is talking about?
People ask for faith, don't we? And how do you gain faith except by trusting in God and taking that step of faith? Practice makes perfect right?

I would appreciate your thoughts :)


  1. Fear. Ahhhhhhhhh. Good blog Nick. :)

    I'm always afraid of losing people. My question is when will I learn that God knows best? Sometimes I need to lose people. Lately, I've been making sure that God is in control of my conversation and interactions with people, because then my relationships will glorify Him, even if the other party is not following Him.

    I can remember several times in my life when God asked me to sacrifice a relationship (mostly romantic), because it had become the center of my world instead of Him. Any time I fought it, I got burned. But God knows best, and has His own way of doing things, and each time things worked out His way. In hindsight though, I NEEDED to let go of each relationship. I just wish I had realized that from the start.

    God is so good, and it's just a matter of trusting Him with everything. Even the things we're most afraid of. It's a constant battle, but it's worthwhile.

  2. It is encouraging to know how you address your relationships with others :)

    And hindsight is 20/20...but it is good that you are learning!

    Agreed :) and sometimes it is hardest to trust Him with the things we are most confident with too..haha no wonder God is not a crutch, but a stretcher :P