Saturday, February 26, 2011

FreeRice is a great website. In fact, I would suggest you try it out, right now :)
Unless you only have time to read, in that case, I would ask that you check it out another time, because it is a game. But it also generates money for charity (the World Food Programme) and helps you learn things. For example, the primary mode of FreeRice is English Vocabulary. The website gives you a word, and then you have to pick from four other words the closest synonym. The beginning levels are easy (Bad = Not Good) but eventually you get to harder words (Nepotism = Favoritism to Relatives) and then they get nearly impossible (Lapstrake = Surf Bird, Overlapping Planks, Blanket, or Swimming Style?).
There are also other topics, such as Elemental Symbols, Math, Geography, and even other languages. I really enjoy the website, and there is even a group for the University of Nebraska, which records how much rice all the players who join the group donate.
(The website donates 10 grains of rice per correct answer, I should have mentioned that earlier, haha my bad!)
You can also create a username to record how much you donate and under which topic(s). However, if you prefer to play anonymously, you can play without signing up/in.
Either way, (the people who get to eat because of the website) and I would appreciate if you would try it out, and pass it along to your friends :)

PS- The answer for Lapstrake is Overlapping Planks.

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