Friday, April 15, 2011

A Conversation

This was inspired by a friend's comment last night, as well as years of confusion concerning the ways of women. Hope you enjoy it :P

Last night a friend of mine, who is a girl, told me that she learned something about guys. She said that she found out that in the following situation, the guy does not actually know what is wrong:
Guy: What is wrong?
Girl: You know what is wrong! -OR- no specific response

Now, being a guy, it is obvious to me that the guy does not know what is wrong, or what is bothering the girl. Perhaps that is because I am a guy. My friend seemed quite surprised that the guy does not know what is actually bothering the girl! Now, she had a reason for it, and I understand the reason, but still. If the guy knew, he would (most likely) not be asking the question in the first place.

Now, it is your turn. What is it about the opposite gender that confuses you? Or, what is something that you learned that you would like to share with others (concerning the opposite gender)?

(The title of this post is referencing the conversation that I am attempting to start. So comment away!)


  1. wat confuses me: girls in general. no specific reason, just in general. yep.

  2. As a female, I get frustrated about guys' maturity levels (or the lack there of). I understand it is a scientific fact that boys mature later than girls, but I feel like many males hold on to their childish ways too long. What upsets me the most is that they are the same ones using the kitchen jokes, or sandwich jokes, or whatever to make them feel like they are superior to women when they themselves are the ones who are acting like 5 year olds.

  3. Oooh that is a good one! All the 'jokes' about women being only in the kitchen and making sandwiches and whatnot! Those do not sit well with me either. I understand that sarcasm is common these days, but that is crossing the line in my opinion. I would like to think that the people using these 'jokes' do not actually feel superior to women, but are trying to just get a laugh from their friends, but I honestly do not know.
    Do you think there is a way to encourage males to be more mature?
    Also, I think it is more of a maturity in physical terms, as the science goes. I haven't researched it, and I agree with you that guys do seem to be more immature than girls, but I'm not sure if it has been shown (by science!) that guys act less maturely than girls. That does not mean that it is not true, however ;)

  4. That's not crossing the line, in my opinion. It's sexist, ya, but that train goes both ways. Have you heard this prayer?
    "Dear Lord,
    I pray for wisdom to understand my man,
    Love to forgive him
    And Patience for his moods
    Because Lord if I pray for Strength
    I’ll beat him to death."
    It's funny, but if a guy made a joke about beating his girl to death, it wouldn't be taken lightly. I guess my point is, if we can say stuff like that and not get and crap for it, they should be able to have their jokes, too.

  5. Just the problem with "their jokes" is that they aren't really jokes at all. I suppose it depends on the context...

  6. Except for the vast majority of the time, they are "just jokes", how you interpret them is a different matter. However, I think jokes about one another shouldn't really have a place in true friendship. I'm guilty of saying stuff towards my friends quite often, but I think definitely it's not a good thing to do.

    Now for that opposite thing. There's this language women speak in. It's special, in that it dances around what exactly is being said, especially if the woman thinks it may come across as offensive (despite assurances to the contrary)! I'm pretty dang good at interpreting this language, but I don't get why it's even a thing.

  7. Yeah, I totally get that, and even am guilty of doing it. For me it's pretty much over text messaging or on facebook chat, I think the way we interpret things can come across completely wrong at times when we can't see the other person's face, so I'll put smiley faces and dance around what could be taken as offensive at times, especially if I like the guy.. just as a mere fact that I don't want to screw things up. Another factor, I think as women we tend to over analyze the situation, or at least I do, we go through all the possible ways something could be taken before we hit send, while I'm guessing guys probably just come right out and say it.. most of the time anyway.

    Another thing, one word answers. Drive. Me. Crazy. Things like: Nice. Cool. Yeah. Yep. Come on! Learn to carry on a conversation! Especially if you are the one to start it. Or when you are in the middle of a conversation and they just stop talking. At least have the decency to say I have to go, talk to you later.

    And since we've got multiple "Anonymous" people on here, I will nominate myself as #3. so yeah.

    -Anonymous #3

  8. I like reading these responses; thank you for all of your input!! :)

    I think I have heard the idea that women over-analyze situations, but I know that I also tend to over-think things at times. But when I send things, yeah, I tend to just type it and send it. Sometimes I'll check for typos, but usually I just send it haha :P

    I agree with the one word answers, especially when the other person starts the conversation. Those kinds of things kinda bug me, and I just wonder why the person texted me in the first place if they just say 'yup' and 'nm' and mehhh :/

    haha thank you for labeling yourself as Anonymous 3 :P

  9. I'm going to be brave and not anonymous here, haha-but I agree with Anonymous #3. :) And I realize I'm joining the conversation months late, but I'm going to anyway.

    I-and many girls-especially if it's a guy we like or even just care about a lot in a friendship-type way...well, we tend to over-analyze what we say. We'll type something, erase it, type again, think about it...if it's a guy we like, consult four friends for advice on how to word it just right-and then get a one word response back from the guy in about thirty seconds that was not well thought out at all. It's frustrating. But we bring it upon ourselves. I've seen my friends do it, I've done it myself. Especially with the phrasing things about three different ways in our heads before sending it. It's over-analyzing. Plain and simple. But I think most girls do it.

    And agreed. One word conversations are the worst. I hate when people do that. There's times where one word is all that's necessary to respond-but not EVER SINGLE TEXT/FACEBOOK MESSAGE. If you don't want to talk to me, then don't. Geesh.

  10. Gosh...I guess when I thought about 'over-analyzing' it still wasn't what you describe..why do you think most girls do that?

  11. I have no clue on the why, but girls still do it. ;)