Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some things I don't understand

I shall make a list! In no particular order...
  • When people complain, and then don't do anything about whatever they complain about
  • The size of the universe
  • Certain denominations and religions (differences, specific beliefs, origins)
  • Why people do a lot of what they do
  • Why people don't do a lot of what they don't do
  • How I waver between different thoughts and perspectives
  • While I'm at it, how I think at all!
  • Women
  • haha but for real, I don't understand a lot about humans in general :P
  • God
  • Why things are the way they are
  • Love
  • And many, many, many other things that I have not (yet) listed here...
Let me know, do you have anything to add to the list? It could be something that either you or I do not understand. Would you like to try and explain one or more of these things to me? Perhaps you have a comment about one of the things I listed, or something I didn't list?


  1. "women" haha. you'll never figure that out. just accept it.

  2. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Psalm 139:6. :)

  3. Jess, I agree, I do not ever expect to understand women, and that is part of what is attractive about them :)

    Kaylee, I like it :) And I have one to go with it!
    Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know. -Job 42:3b

  4. The Bible is awesome. Ever since TEC I've been highlighting like crazy... and then I'll just flip through and find all these awesome verses. It's super great. However, the binding is already going bad.. which is kinda disappointing, I want this one to last a super long time because it has cute little notes from everyone at my table in it. It just makes me happy. :)

  5. haha that is so excellent!!! Maybe if you put some duct tape on the back of the binding it would hold together longer?? haha duct tape can fix anything, right? :P
    And what have you been reading lately/what has God been showing to you lately???

  6. perhaps... it's more on the inside. Ephesians is beginning to rip and everything that follows. i probably will tape it soon. I'm mainly focusing on Matthew lately. Zoe (middle school singing group that I am a high school mentor for) is doing the beatitudes and so I've just kind of been skipping around Matthew.. I should really read it straight through. probably would flow better. :P but i love all the life lessons in there, good reminders of things I should and shouldn't be doing. how about you?

  7. Ooh, so maybe a new Bible is in store?
    That is interesting :) The Beatitudes are kind of confusing and interesting. Actually I would say they are both of those things in excess hehe :P
    Lately I have been reading through Luke. A Bible study I go to (Thursday nights actually!) is going through Luke right now, so I have been reading the sections we are going over that week every night (or trying to, rather) and writing down my thoughts and questions. But all that doesn't help much when I just forget it at the dorms >.<

  8. Perhaps a study Bible at some point, that would probably come in handy quite a bit. I do really like the Bible I have now though. It has all these little notes in it from TEC. :)
    That's awesome. I keep telling myself I need to start like a journal type thing and keep track of my thoughts on everything I read and just life in general. It would probably help immensely.

  9. Ahh, yeah, those notes are nice to read :) And if you want to get hooked up with a Bible study or two I can probably help! :)

    I've tried something like that, except just on my phone, so it didn't work too well :/ I think it would be really interesting to read my thoughts throughout the day at a later point in time though.. Why do you feel like you should do that?

  10. so two night ago i typed out this whole long comment and then hit a button and lost it.. and got frustrated and went to bed. ha. sooo let's try this again....

    well first off, that would be awesome. :)

    and second off, i don't know, i guess mostly because when i write things out i tend to process them more thoroughly, so i think it would help with remembering and actually like going through how i am feeling at any given time. often times i feel like when i talk with God He doesn't really hear me (which i have been told a million times He does) but i don't know, it's mostly just a matter of not feeling His presence all the time. i participate in a lot of christian groups, most of which there have been certain moments that i have never felt more in tune with God and my faith, mountain-top experiences. while i love those i think i focus too much on that and just fellowship in general. i often don't spend the time i need to to just stop and listen to what He is telling me and spend time with Him. at TEC i realized that on Friday night when we were writing everything out. In fact, i just straight up sobbed for awhile. i had been holding on to so much worry and so much regret and just everything was weighing me down, and i hadn't been praying about it. but when i wrote it out i was able to let go a little bit. i won't lie, i still hold on to fear and worry and everything, but writing it out helped me to give it to God more than i had been in a long time. so that's why i think i should start journaling. :)

  11. Ohh I understand your frustration!!! You can never quite get the words back :/

    I think those are good reasons :) I like what you said about processing and remembering things..and I think we all have things that we hold on to but should let God take hold of. Worry and fear are so debilitating, yet so prevalent (it seems) on this earth. 1 John 4 though, I like what that says about fear ;)

    haha I think I am going to spend some time now and write in my prayer journal :)

  12. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

    So I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but I don't know. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. So does that mean because I worry I wasn't made perfect in love? Some things like that I just don't understand, which is funny, brings us full circle to what this blog post was actually about. So does that mean that no one was made perfect in love? At some point in their lives, everyone experiences fear and worry. I think that is just inevitable here on earth. How would you interpret this verse?

  13. I think you are right, that we are not (yet) made perfect in love ;)
    It's crazy, but as God sees Christians through the covering of Jesus' blood, God sees us as righteous and blameless. Perfect. Because of the perfect love that Jesus (and the Father and Spirit) has for us, we have been made perfect in the Father's eyes (or whatever is used for perceiving perfection haha God is not physical, after all)

    The verse may be speaking about trust as well. When we realize, acknowledge, and accept that God's love for us is entirely perfect, then what would we have to be afraid of? But, as you said, we worry and get anxious and distracted and so then we don't focus on God and His love for us. We go back to fear :(

    Speaking of fear, I think I posted a blog about that a while back. Have you read that one?

    Also, what do you think of the verse? I have left out some of my other thoughts, as I would like to hear more of yours :)

  14. Hm..I'm kinda bummed that I can't just edit my previous comment, but anyway! The post is called 'This one will probably be short' or something similar to that, and it was in February sometime. I think the 10th.