Friday, April 8, 2011

UNL Worship Night - April 8, 2011

So tonight I went to East Campus for dinner. Twas quite tasty, and fun, and of course, a bit stressful. Traveling in groups is always stressful, isn't it? But it is tough to beat a bacon cheeseburger with spinach on it dipped in chili-cheese sauce. Yum :9

After I got back to City Campus, I went to UNL Worship Night. It consisted of a bunch of people singing, giving high fives and hugs, prayer, more singing, and some good times! Plus, it is tough to beat some time praising the Creator of the Universe. God is pretty great, after all ;)

While I was at Worship Night, I did some praying. I asked God to show/reveal Himself, because I was feeling a bit like I was just singing, and not really experiencing His presence. Boy howdy, God sure does answer prayer!

I was thinking about...well actually I don't really remember, but apparently I was distracted. Then I felt like God was telling me to just sit down and talk with Him for a bit. (Not to, 'to' implies one-way conversation; 'with' implies an actual two-way conversation.)
So I sat down. And tried to listen. And I thought I heard God say, 'Psychology'
Oh, ok. So He also could have said, 'Geology' right? ehh..doubtful. I've been thinking about changing my major (again) to Psychology, but/because I am really not sure about what I want to do after college. Right now I am a Secondary Education - Natural Science(s) major. That means I would be able to teach grades 7-12 in science classes, hypothetically. Now, I think I would like that. I think I could do that. But I don't know if that is where God wants me or not.
I have also considered working in Youth Ministry in some way. I think I could do that, and I think I would like to do that. But I don't know if that is where God wants me or not.

So here I am, hearing, perceiving, whatever you want to call it, this word. Psychology. (God, is that really you? Unfortunately I did not see an angel or have a potential sacrifice to offer, as Gideon did [Judges 6]) And so I am thinking, 'Lord, I just switched to Secondary Ed, maybe I should just go with some of those classes and see how it feels?' I did not receive a direct/explicit reply, but I may have felt some sort of look, something like, 'Oh yeah? You think that is a better idea?' hahaha who is the smarter one here???

So, I basically pulled a Gideon and asked God to reaffirm that for me at some point in time. Obviously I will have to focus, and not be distracted by all the noise that is so prevalent in this world. Punks.

Can you tell that I like the story with Gideon?


  1. Hmmmm. I'm going through similar things. God says something and I go "OH MY GOSH GOD! YOU'RE SUCH A GENIUS." Then no longer than 20 seconds later, I think "Was that really you? Or am I just telling myself that because it would be awesome?"
    But here's the thing. God is awesome. And when we align our hearts with His will, what he wants will makes us think "That would be awesome." His directions don't always make sense. His timing is often different than ours. He sometimes tells us to do something that doesn't seem like it fits because we're "not ready" or in your case, you just changed your major.
    But it really comes down to faith. And in some cases blind faith. It's so easy to get caught up in waiting for a sign, especially with things that aren't written in the Bible. It would be nice if I could reference a verse that tells you what your major should be. It would be nice to point to a verse that says who your future spouse will be. It would be nice to point to a verse that tells you what jobs to apply for or which opportunities to seize. But alas. The only thing we can do is continue to wait upon the Lord.
    I encourage you to ask others around you for prayer on this matter. Maybe the Lord will speak to them about it too, and it'll reinforce what you've already heard. Because I know what it's like to wonder "Was that You or me?" :)

  2. Ahhh exactly!!!!
    haha I like that...'Here's the thing. God is awesome.' Sure is! hehe :P
    That is a good point...What is foolishness to the world may be far better in God's eyes.
    hahaha Agreed! 1 Nick 1:13: and God said, Nick, do this. Great. :P
    I appreciate your suggestions, and I will certainly do that :) This is actually something that I have thought about before, and I usually end up pushing it to the side (or back or whatever) because something else comes up that I feel is more important because it is, or seems to be, closer and more in the 'here and now'. But I suppose it is getting closer to my 'graduation' or something :P

    Thank you for your thoughts Kelsey, they are always appreciated! :)

  3. I'd be really curious to hear where you are on this now. :)

    One thought-I agree so much! There are so many times I wonder was that God's thought or mine...and I guess I never really know until much later. It would be great to have a verse to reference. But Abraham didn't have verses to reference...or Moses...or David...or even Paul, he had verses, but not about his life specifically. They had great faith and trusted God and prayed like crazy. Just my two cents worth.

    Don't ask me why I'm commenting on a bunch of old blog posts because I really can't answer that. :P

  4. Now..I am still not sure. Thinking about changing my major again, it kind of seems like secondary ed is not working out...Humm..which would mean changing my fall semester classes. Which has happened before. God is crazy. hahaha and I would not prefer it any other way :)

    I appreciate your two cents. It may be the smallest offering in human eyes, but to God it is more than all of the other offerings ;)

    I don't have to ask :) I just appreciate your comments!

  5. I find it funny to find this again now...hope you have gotten your second sign from God. :) I still feel like I need to get better at just jumping instead of "pulling a Gideon" although I'm unfamiliar with that story so I'm just going to have to hope I'm using that term correctly...