Monday, May 2, 2011

1: Some do perceive divinity, therefore it is part of their reality.

1. Many people ‘join’ a particular religion because they report experiencing a supernatural, or divine, event. Some claim to feel something within them change; others claim having a vision or hearing a voice of some kind. Another group may seem to say that they suddenly see how they have been ‘called’ towards this particular set of beliefs for their whole life, but the pieces are only now clicking together. This experience of the divine is a central part of many religions, and it is nearly impossible to convince someone that their perceptions were faulty. Also, you cannot simply say that an experience was inaccurate, as the same could be said of your own. The argument of skepticism is a dangerous weapon to wield, so I will not go too far into that.

There is also an argument that can be made that what can be perceived by everyone, such as the stars, the earth, and the life on the earth. Some would say that the things of this world/universe illustrate qualities of the divine, and since these are perceptible by all, everyone has experienced an aspect of divinity. Some, however, do not realize what they are experiencing because, perhaps, they have not been told. It could also be that the perceiver is simply choosing to ignore the ‘divine’ elements of the perception, or the reality that is being perceived.

I would appreciate it if you found any holes in my logic. Point them out, please :)

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  1. Aha! You might be interested to read the last religion essay I turned in...on the topic of conversion. :P It was semi-interesting-for an academic essay. Haha.